Andromium – Turn Your Phone Into Work Computer

The specs of hand-held devices are close to personal computers these days. When I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 back in 2012, I was just amazed by its specs and the performance. Google’s LG Nexus 5 I bought last year is even better and it’s still awesome even though it’s not the latest technology. Both have good enough computing power, memory and nice display as my PC.

I’ve been thinking about having my cell phone as my work computer since then. I thought it would be really cool if I carry my phone to work and do my everyday development work on it. So I started thinking about something I can do to make it happen.

It looks like Ubuntu phone(with docking station) coming out early 2015 will be able to do it, but I wanted Android phone to do it too. As always, thinking is an easy part, implementation isn’t. Main problem was that it needs some sort of new interface on top of Android OS that makes hand-held device’s display fit to larger screen and handling all the apps on the device to display within the interface. Also, mouse input is required for non-touch screens. It’s just too complicated for me to do something like that and eventually gave up hoping Google or someone else will do it someday.

Then I recently found this Andromium project on KickStarter which is exactly the same as what I was thinking about.

Andromium OS DEMO:

After I reviewed their project, I immediately became a backer. I like browsing projects on KickStarter, but it’s my first time actually spending money on a KickStarter project.
Thanks to Gordon Zheng and two other team members.

Hope this project goes well. I mean.. it has to.

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